Hebron Corporate Services Inc offering incorporation for companies in Barbados and Internationally

Services Offered...

Summit Business Services is a company providing a range of Executive type Office and  Administrative professional and confidential services to small, medium and large local, regional and international companies; the services include:

·         Writing business plans
·         Accounting services
·         Payroll
·         Training in Quickbooks
·         Supervisory training
·         Providing administrative, secretarial and clerical support
·         Developing Management presentations
·         Reviewing and proof reading documentation
·         Operating as a shared service centre
·         Outsourcing
·         Processing invoices
·         Training in Business Math and English
·         Training in Office Administration and Office Etiquette
·         Rolling out to stakeholders the company’s policies and programs
·         Office relocations
·         Advising on office accommodation, furniture and equipment
·         Providing Executive type inland courier service

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